Is social media just for kids?

You may ask yourself the question “Social media, do I need it for my business?”

Whether you are using social media or not, in many cases your customers are! People like to buy from those they feel they can trust.  Have you ever read a post by a friend who said “I bought these great shoes from this new shop” or “this plumber totally saved me when we ran out of hot water”. These are recommendations by your friends about their experience with businesses, wouldn’t you like that kind of free advertising for your business?

What about the bad comments?

Of course, some may have concerns about negative comments, but social media platforms allow you to manage these and potentially turn unhappy customers into happy ones. For example, if your customer has a negative experience with your business and you don’t have a social media outlet for them to express it, they will probably do it on their own Facebook page or Twitter account and you will be none the wiser. In the mean time all their friends and family will read about their bad experience and think poorly of your business. The same scenario with social media allows that unhappy customer to let YOU know what they think. Trust me, no one likes to hear bad things about their business, but if you know about it you can manage it. Find out why they are unhappy,  try to resolve it and prevent it from happening again. Bill Gates may have put it best years ago when he said, “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

How do I choose which social media platform is right for my business?

So perhaps it is time that you take the leap and get on board social media. There are a plenty of platforms out there for you to choose from. The best part they are free to set up an account.