Your name on the Internet

Your domain name is your address on the web. Media Gain can register a new domain for you, or if you already have a domain name we can transfer it to manage for you.

There are several domain types available. We have included a brief description of these below. – Commercial entities or networks registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission or with a state or territory government regulator – Charities and non-profit organisations – Incorporated associations, political parties, trade unions and clubs, charities and non-profit organisations – Federal, state and local government bodies – Registered educational institutions

Registering a domain with the ‘.au’ extension ensures that people know that your organisation is Australian. On the other hand, if you want to operate globally, you may want an address with no ‘.au’ extension.

You will need to renew your domain name every two years for an ‘.au’ domain or every year for a ‘.com’ domain. You will receive an email from us notifying when your domain is due to expire.

How do I choose a suitable domain name?

It is important when choosing your domain name to remember that users must be able to associate it with your organisation, such as your business name or an association with your type of business

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