Digital Advertising

Digital display advertising also known as website ads or banner ads are image-based ads that appear on websites, social media networks and on mobile apps. A well-designed ad can build awareness of your brand and your message in an eye-catching way.


There are many benefits to display advertising for your business.


Visual Appeal

Banner ads often appear in very visible places on a page, such as the top or on the side. Bold colours, clean and crisp images and moving animation can assist in gaining attention. Keep your message short, sharp and attractive. You need to capture your audience’s attention quickly in order compete with everything else being offered on the page.


Effective Targeting

When advertising online it is important to target the people most relevant to your business. Banner ads offer flexibility in that you decide on which websites your ads will appear with the audience that best fits your business offering, and geographic areas to focus on.


Increase Brand Awareness

It’s important to create a connection between your brand and potential customers. Digital advertising makes your brand a part of the potential customer’s online journey. Once they begin to recognise your logo, name or product after seeing it on a few of their favourite websites, they will begin to associate with it in a positive manner.


Instant Customer Response

If your banner ad has done its job, users will be wanting to click it to learn more about the full offer. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your call to action is easy to follow and obvious to activate. Using a form presents you with an opportunity to collect additional information from your potential customer that might be useful in future marketing activities.

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